What is the Clip?


How it all began…

Quick Draw Clip Systems, Inc. began as the brain child of Terry Ward-Llewellyn, a simple dilemma, “There must be a better way to carry my camera!”

Terry wanted to carry his camera with him when he was riding his motorcycle… and NOT have to Worry about it swinging around while on a camera strap!

He doesn't like messing with a cumbersome case or strap, and he certainly didn't want his camera bouncing around off-road. So, he went one better...and so the "Truck-Clip" was born. It slips through your belt, and holds a button. The button screws into the tri-pod hole on your camera and holds it secure on your belt.


Soon after the "Truck", came the belt clip. You see once Terry got started, he found he couldn't stop. He took the captive button design and went one better, making the button out of plastic and putting an adhesive on the back. Now you can attach the button to anything!

Noticing a need to use a clip when you do not have a belt, Terry soon came out with the beltless version of the clip. The beltless clip is made of spring steel and comes in both a durable powder coat as well as a fashionable gold plated version.

So, here we are today, the newest member to the Quick Draw family is the beltless version in Lexan® plastic. Just slip it over your pocket and away you go. The durable lexan plastic is just as secure as previous models and attaches snugly to purse, belt or whatever!