Our Mission Statement


Quick Draw Clip Systems, Inc. will maintain a company wide focus on product quality, reliability, and on-time delivery.


It is the policy of Quick Draw Clip Systems, Inc.to design, manufacture and market products that comply with customer requirements and intended use as well as meet all applicable government specifications, standards, and regulations.


Continuous efforts toward improvement will be built into the quality program at Quick Draw Clip Systems, since programs that do not consistently provide for ways to improve products, services, and quality systems soon become obsolete in our
rapidly changing marketplace.

About the Clip


Quick Draw Clip Systems Inc.  was started in Ventura California by Terry Ward-Llewellyn.  The design of the clip was a solution to a problem of wanting to carry a camera while on vacation, but without the hassle.  The first clip designed was the “Camera Clip” which is made to have your belt slide through and was made along with the “Camera Button” which has a screw that fits into the tri-pod hole of a camera.  With the success of this clip we moved on to make a similar clip that a belt could slide through but it was more low profile and could be used everyday for a smaller item such a cell phone.  With the design of the belt-less clip and the introduction of our newest member, the Lexan® clip, Quick Draw Clip Systems has a wide variety of clips to suit your every need.  


The Clip System will change the way you carry almost anything from cell phones, to a GPS. This terrific new product comes in both plastic and laser cut stainless steel. The way it works is you place the Quick Draw clip on your belt and affix a special button (included in kit) to the back of whatever it is you want to carry with its self-adhesive tape. Next, simply slide the button down on your clip, and it automatically locks into place. To release the item simply push in on the upper half of the clip while lifting upward, it's that easy!